Amphitheatre Buttress.

Amphitheatre Buttress.

It was a glorious October morning as we parked as close to Cwm Eigiau as possible, the main objective of the day was still out of sight, but the size of this vast Cwm was breathtaking. We sorted out kit and made our way along the boggy track towards the unknown.

The banter had started early and we were all in good spirits, it wasn’t too long before the prize came into sight, with the sunshine showing off all her nooks and crannies, rising near vertically towards blue skies.

This was a classic route I had longed for, but only recently had been confident to take on.

A quick refuel and it was soon made clear that I was going to take charge of the leads on this beast, which I accepted in my witty banter.

Pitch 1 was soon on the way as my B2 boots were smearing on the slabby polished rock, a few reassuring runners were placed and I soon found the sanctuary of my first belay stance.

Tim and Marc were brought up and the smiles were just as big as this Buttress!

Pitch 2 was the hardest, but the gear was good, we were soon faced with the crux move, but we all made ease of that, it did make for some good photo opportunities.

We were now about 110 meters from topping out, which put us on the Alpine traverse, a shortish exposed knife edge ridge with two gendarmes to tackle overlooking gullies with nothing but air between you and the floor.

Marc popped me on belay as I downclimbed the gendarmes and made my way across the ridge, making sure I looked down as much as possible to take in the sense of exposure with sheer delight.

Now was the perfect photo shot. Looking back with Tim and Marc working together to keep each other safe like a well oiled machine, as I kept both on belay, they slowly came across with arms raised and thumbs up!

The sun was feet away from us now as it was shining across from the West, I succumbed the final obstacle and was shocked to be greeted by intrigued walkers and the click of cameras, a bomber anchor was soon built and Tim and Marc came to the light with elation and group hugs.

It was a day to be remembered with good friends and even better banter!

Amphitheatre Buttress

  • "It was a day to be remembered with breathtaking views, good friends and even better banter!" "It was a day to be remembered with breathtaking views, good friends and even better banter!" November 5, 2015

    Neil Butterton

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