Climbing Little Tryfan (Tryfan Fach)

Climbing Little Tryfan (Tryfan Fach)

If you’ve been climbing in the gym for a while, or have seconded outdoor routes, you’re no doubt itching to start leading, or to do your first multi-pitch climb.

Little Tryfan is absolutely perfect for this. Nice grippy rock, good holds, great gear and a great mountain environment feel.[/snippet]

Little Tryfan

Crack 1 - Tryfan Fach

Route Info

Little Tryfan, also known as Tryfan Fach and Tryfan Bach is perfectly situated below the East face of it’s much bigger brother, Tryfan. Parking is available either at the roadside lay-bys on the A5, or at the two campsites below Tryfan. Gwern Gof Isaf and Gwern Gof Uchaf.

If you decide to park at the campsites, don’t forget to pay the farmer! Both of these campsites are also a great place to base camp if you’re spending the weekend enjoying all that the Ogwen valley has to offer.

Getting to the base of the climb is a straight-forward affair, simply head out of the back of either campsite and point yourself towards Tryfan, you can’t really miss it! Once you’ve picked up the rocky path towards to foot of Tryfan you’ll soon see the 200ft or so slab of Little Tryfan on the left.

There are an abundance of routes to choose from, 25 to be exact, ranging from Diff to VS, enough to whet most new climbers appetites.

Having said that, in the summer months, don’t be surprised if you have to queue!

Whichever route you choose, you can descend by following the ridgeline to the right and back down the path, or, from the top of the ridge you can scramble down a little gully and down the boulder field at the side for a quicker descent.

Overall, Little Tryfan is a great day out, whether your doing your first multi-pitch, first lead, or you’re returning from day on the North Ridge of Tryfan and would like to finish the day with a sunset climb.

  • Activity Type: Climbing
  • Total Distance: — miles
  • Total Ascent: 260 feet
  • Total Time: — hrs
  • Route Grade: Diff - VS

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Climbing Little Tryfan(Tryfan Fach)

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