Carrying and being able to use a map & compass, not only allows us to make the most of a particular area, it allows us to discover new surroundings, builds self-confidence when out alone, and makes the great outdoors a safer place.

In conjunction with Ordnance Survey, our mapping application below will allow you to choose a location, and then print an A4, 1:50,000 / 1:50k OS map to take with you on your adventures.

The beauty of this, is you can plot your route on the map with a pen, mark points of interest, and scribble down notes, without worrying about ruining a genuine OS map.

*Note: You can click & drag the map to change the location and center point.

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Once you have chosen your desired location and set the map position, simply click the button below to open your map in a new window for printing.

*Note: Due to variations in browsers & printers, you may need to set your printing scale manually.
We found that setting our printer to print at 74% was perfect. Ensure that once printed, the map squares are 2cm x 2cm for accurate navigation with your compass.


Print Map